eZ Publish Public API

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  • eZ Community member since 2005
  • Part of the eZ Engineering team since 2011
  • Lead engineer User Interface at eZ
  • Webmaster of http://www.planet-ezpublish.fr/, powered by eZ Publish 5!

eZ Publish 3.x/4.x

  • eZContentObjectTreeNode, eZContentObject, eZContentClass, ...
  • Lots of static methods
  • Almost no visibility (private, protected, ...)
  • Objects are tighly coupled
  • Lazy loaded object attributes
  • Barely testable
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Huge effort to introduce new storage system

Domain objects

Content object Content
Tree node Location
Content class Content type
Content attribute Field
Datatype Field type
Content class attribute Field definition

eZ Publish 5 architecture

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eZ Publish Public API